Doggie daycare

Available Monday to Friday

£17 per day / £10 per half day

Doggie Day Care provides a safe environment where dogs can form and interact as part of a pack. For young dogs this is essential education and the benefits of simply socialising with other dogs are invaluable. As decadents of the wolf, dogs are instinctual pack animals and socialisation and exercise are important components for a well rounded family pet.

Doggie Day care also helps dogs with lots of energy by giving them an outlet to release all of the pent up energy they have inside them so that when they go home they are tired and relaxed. Our doggy day care facility provides a place where dogs can play safely and securely while under supervision at all times.Our Brand New 4500 square foot indoor arena with a mixture of agility equipment, mentally stimulating strategy toys as well as a range of tough toys, rope toys, balls, tyres, and soft toys. Outdoor we have 2000 square feet fully secured play area equipped with dog pools for the warmer summer days.

Application form

To join day care - Please fill out and return the application form below along with a copy of your dogs vaccination records and a member of the team will be InTouch to arrange a consultation.