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Santa Paws is coming to town

Has your pooch been naughty or nice?

Cheshire School of Dogs have prepared a tasty box of natural festive treats for your special doggy!

Natural Treat Doggy Selection Boxes

All for just £10


2 × Rabbit ears (with hair)
1 × Venison leg (with hair)
1 × Pigs ear
100gms 80% fish training treats
75gms Natural fish cubes
1 × Pigs in blankets
1 × Liver deli sausage
1 × Meat filled steri bone
1 × Country chicken roll
1 × Squeaky toy.

To order get in touch with us at Cheshire School Of Dogs:

01270 625279 or info@cheshiredogs.co.uk

We also prepare bespoke selection boxes to your specifications: just drop us a message!